Gilbert Proesch was born in Italy. He studied art in Austria and Germany before moving to England.
George Passmore was born in Plymouth, United Kingdom He studied art at the Dartington Hall College of Art and the Oxford School of Art.
The two first met on 25 September 1967 while studying sculpture at St Martins School of Art and they  married in 2008.

In 1981 Gilbert & George won the Regione Lazio Award, in 1986 the Turner Prize, in 1989 the Special International Award, in 2007 they won the South Bank Award, as well as the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award and in December 2008 Gilbert & George were awarded an Honorary Doctorate by London Metropolitan University.

It is claimed that Gilbert & George are an oddity in the artistic world because of their openly Conservative political views and their praise for Margaret Thatcher. “We admire Margaret Thatcher greatly. She did a lot for art. Socialism wants everyone to be equal”.

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