Those people wishing to flee the dreary weather of a northern European November should consider the coast from Nerja to Estepona as a getaway option for sunshine and pleasantly warm days.
Andalucia can have some severe thunderstorms during November, but in most years there are many sunny days with only light winds and temperatures rising into the low 20s Celsius (low 70s F).
Periods of rain or shorter showery episodes also occur in most years but on average only about 1 day during the month can be described as cool and wet.

The thunderstorms, although infrequent, can be quite spectacular, with most of them generated over the still relatively warm sea. For the weather lover, a night viewing the lightning from storm cells over the Mediterranean from a seaside apartment or hotel cannot be matched.

Occasionally, weather fronts from northern Europe  stall over southern Spain and either give a day of thundery rain, short interludes of sunshine and highs near 20 Celsius (68F), or, if Malaga is on the northern flank of the front,  there can be steady rain, a stiff north to northeast breeze, and temperatures not much above 14 Celsius (57F).

Fog may occur overnight if the wind falls calm overnight after rain, but fog is unlikely to persist long after dawn with sunshine never far away.

As the late autumn weather systems in central and northern Europe became more vigorous,  the penrtation into southern Europe becomes more noticeable.
The result is a greater variety of wind directions and more variability in strength.  The brisk north to northeasterly wind behind a front has been mentioned before, but the strong northwesterly is more common.
This wind, enhanced by the mountains, blows after a cold front has moved away to the east.
Often  the weather is brilliantly sunny, and although temperatures may be close to 20 Celsius (68F), the humidity is so low it feels decidedly cold.
The easterly wind is one that blows occasionally, more especially towards the end of the month.  The salt-filled air with high-humidity temperatures not far from 18 or 19 Celsius (64-66F) both day and night, and usually almost complete cloud cover is not pleasant, and thankfully rare.

These varieties in the weather occur , but still the predominant weather is usually sunshine, and although the sea cools off during November so that only the most hardy venture in for a swim,  to sit outside a beach-front bar  enjoying the ambience in the late autumn sunshine, is infinitely preferable to standing in the cold drizzle waiting for a bus that will never arrive.