A warm and humid month, typical of late Summer.


The average maximum temperature during August 2017 in Malaga was 29.6 Celsius (86F), and that was 0.3 Celsius (0.5F) below normal for the time of year. The average minimum temperature was 22.5 Celsius (73F), and that was normal for August.
The highest temperature recorded during the month was  39.3 Celsius (103F) on the 8th, but this was the only very hot day during the month. The next warmest day was the 1st when 31.6 Celsius (89F) was recorded, and there were a further 7 days when the temperature exceeded 30 Celsius (86F). On most days (18) the temperature rose to between 28 and 30 Celsius (82-86F) but on 4 occasions the maxima were below 28 Celsius (82F). The lowest maximum was 27.3 Celsius (81F) on the 28th, but the 11th was only 0.1 Celsius (0.2F) less cool.
As usual, there were many warm nights during August, but with no exceptionally warm nights. There were 4 nights when the temperature stayed above 24 Celsius (75F), with the highest minimum of 24.7 Celsius (76F) recorded on the night of the 26th/27th. On most nights minima were between 21 and 24 Celsius (70-75F) but there were 3 nights when the temperature dipped below 21 Celsius (70F). Only 1 of these cooler nights had a minimum temperature below 20 Celsius (68F), and that was the 28th/29th when the dawn value was 19.5 Celsius (67F).
The sea temperature was 22 or 23 Celsius (72-73F) at the beginning of the month, but it rose to 25 or 26 Celsius (77-79F) by mid month and remained at these values for the remainder of the month.

Rain in Malaga

There was 5.4 millimetres  (0.2 ins.) of rain during August, and this was 4 times the monthly average. It was the wettest August for 7 years. The drought of over 100 days was broken on the 27th when the first measurable rain since 12th May occurred. Light day-time showers produced 0.3 millimetres (0.01 ins.) of rain, but further showery rain on the following night gave 5.1 millimetres (0.2 ins.) of rain. The rest of the month stayed dry.


 There were no reports of hail in west  Malaga during August.


There was a squally thunderstorm around mid morning on the 28th.


The wind  through August mainly followed a typical late summer pattern with weak northwesterly land breezes for a while during the mornings, followed by southeasterly sea breezes, these usually dying away after sunset. The land breeze was rather more prominent at times during the first 10 days of the month, and the breeze was gusty at times during the last week of August. Gusts exceeded 20 knots (23 mph) on only 1 day, and that was the 28th when a guast of 22 knots (25 mph) was recorded.


No fog was observed in west Malaga during August.

Statistics for August 2017

Reporting Station Highest Temp Lowest Temp Rain Total (mm) Wettest Rain days
Malaga Airport 40.3 18.2 4 4 2
Granada Airport 43.0* 12.6 3 2 2
Almeria 36.7 18.0 50* 38 3
Seville 43.4 16.8 8 8 2
Cordoba 44.7 16.2 3 3 2
Jerez de la Frontera 43.1 13.4 15 8 2
Murcia 41.4 19.4 47 40 4
 *New August Record

Climatology for August

Reporting Station Extreme High Temp Extreme Low Temp Average Rain (mm) Extreme Wettest day (mm) Average Rain days
Malaga Airport 44.0 12.2 6 70 <1
Granada Airport 43.0 6.6 3 17 1
Almeria 41.1 15.5 1 50 <1
Seville 45.2 12.0 6 59 <1
Cordoba 46.2 11.0 3 34 1
Jerez de la Frontera 45.1 10.5 6 83 <1
Murcia 43.2 14.0 10 48 1