Dry, mild and breezy

Temperatures in Malaga

The average maximum temperature during February 2016 in Malaga was 18.4 Celsius (65F), and that was 1.6 Celsius (3F) above normal for the time of year. The average minimum temperature was 10.6 Celsius (51F), and that was 0.9 Celsius (2F) above the normal February value. Overall, it was the mildest February for 8 years.
The highest temperature recorded during the month was 23.4 Celsius (74F) on the 12th, but there were 7 other days when the temperature rose above 20 Celsius (68F), including 3 days, the 11th, 22nd and 23rd, when maxima exceeded 22 Celsius (72F). There were several cool days, these mainly clustered around mid month. Of  the 5 days when the temperature failed to reach 16 Celsius (61F), only the 27th, with a high of 13.3 Celsius (56F), was outside the period 15th to 19th. The coolest day was the 18th with a maximum temperature of only 11.8 Celsius (53F).
There were several very mild nights during February, and on 3 nights, the 9th/10th, 10th/11th and 12th/13th, the previous record night-time high of 15.0 Celsius (59F), set in 2007, was beaten. On the 9th/10th the low was 16.1 Celsius (61F).but the mildest night of the month was the 12th/13th when the temperature only fell to 16.4 Celsius (61F). There were only a few cold nights, with just 5 occasions when minima were below 8 Celsius. On 3 of these cooler nights lows were decimal points below 7 Celsius (45F), but the coldest night, by more than 3 degrees Celsius (5F), was the 16th/17th when a minimum of 3.6 Celsius (39F) was recorded.
The sea temperature was around 14 Celsius (57F) at first, and again later in the month, otherwise it was a chilly 13 Celsius (55F).

Rain in Malaga

There were 33.1 millimetres (1.3 ins.) of rain measured during February and that was only slightly over half the monthly average. Significant rain (0.2 millimetres (0.01 ins.) or more) fell on 9 days and that was 1 day above average for the month. The first rain fell early on the 11th, but only amounted to 1.5 millimetres (0.06 ins.). Rain overnight on the 14th, plus some showery rain in the afternoon, added another 4.6 millimetreas (0.2 ins.) to the total, with light showers falling on the following afternoon. Both the 18th and 19th were those rare unpleasant days and although rain on the 18th only measured 3.6 millimetres (0.2 ins.),heavier rain in the early hours of the 19th gave 15 millimetres (0.6 ins). The end of the month was changeable, and rain was observed on 4 consecutive days beginning on the 25th. However, the rain was generally light and showery in nature, with the 4-day total of nearly 8 millimetres (0.3 ins), mostly made up of the 6 millimetres (0.25 ins.) that fell on the evening of the 26th.


No thunder was heard in west Malaga during February.


It was a breezy month with overnight northwesterly land breezes persisting through the day with afternoon sea breezes fairly uncommon. An easterly ‘Levanter’ blew between the 3rd and 5th, and again on the 19th and 20th. Fortunately, the winds were not excessively severe with gusts generally around 28 or 29 knots (32-33mph). Overall, there were 13 days when gusts of more than 20 knots (23 mph) were recorded, with the windiest day, the 14th, having a gust of 30 knots (34 mph).


There was sea fog on the evening of the 1st, but the most notable restriction to visibility, particularly the slant visibility, seen by aircraft pilots landing and taking off, was caused by thick dust haze drifting northwest  from Algerian sandstorms around the 20th and 21st.

Statistics for February 2016

Reporting Station Highest Temp Lowest Temp Rain Total (mm) Wettest Rain days
Malaga Airport 23.9 3.1 19 8 6
Granada Airport 23.5 -3.8 44 9 13
Almeria 21.3 6.1 3 3 2
Seville 22.8 0.3 27 9 5
Cordoba 23.1 -1.9 38 10 10
Jerez de la Frontera 22.3 -2.3 28 9 8
Murcia 25.7 1.0 4 2 4

Climatology for February


Reporting Station Extreme High Temp Extreme Low Temp Average Rain (mm) Extreme Wettest day (mm) Average Rain days
Malaga Airport 30.0 -3.8 55 151 5
Granada Airport 26.2 -10.0 38 35 6
Almeria 25.7 0.2 21 51 3
Seville 28.0 -5.5 54 68 6
Cordoba 27.8 -5.0 53 61 6
Jerez de la Frontera 29.0 -5.0 60 77 7
Murcia 29.4 -3.9 28 68 3