Dry, rather cool and often windy


The average maximum temperature during February 2018 in Malaga was 16.8 Celsius (62F), and that was 0.3 Celsius (0.5F) below normal for the time of year. It was identical to the average maximum temperature during January. The average minimum temperature was 8.6 Celsius (48F), and that was 1.3 Celsius (2F) below normal for February.
The highest temperature recorded during the month was  21.8 Celsius (71F) on the 17th. There were 3 other days when the temperature rose above 20 Celsius (68F), the 11th, 21st and 27th. The warmest of these 3 days was the 27th with a high of 20.8 Celsius (69F). On most days the temperature rose to between 15 and 20 Celsius (59-68F), but early in the month there were several cool days. On 7 of the first 9 days of February the temperature failed to reach 15 Celsius (59F), with 3 of these cooler days having maxima below 13 Celsius (55F). In fact, the coolest days were the 5th, 6th and 7th,  with the coolest of all the 7th. On this day the temperature only struggled to 12.5 Celsius (55F).
There were no particularly mild nights during February, and minimum temperatures were only above 10 Celsius (50F) on 11 nights. Only 2 of these milder nights occurred before mid month, with the 4 mildest nights (minima above 12 Celsius (54F)) occurring after the 20th. The last night of the month provided the sole minimum temperature above 13 Celsius (55F) with a reading of 13.8 Celsius (57F).
The sea temperature stayed around 15 Celsius (59F) throughout the month.


There were 22.4 millimetres (0.9 ins.) of rain during February. At the turn of the month rain fell, but it was light and confined to the early hours of the 1st. The total was a mere 0.5 millimetres (0.02 ins.). Showers occurred on the 4th, but less than 2 millimetres (0.08 ins.) of rain were recorded. It then stayed dry until the 19th when showery rain overnight added another 0.8 millmetres (0.03 ins.) to the monthly total. The rest of the rainfall occurred on the last 4 days of February. The first 3 of these rain days had a combined total of 2.8 millimetres (0.1 ins.), but the last day of the month was markedly different. Heavy rain in the afternoon and evening accounted for over 70% of the February total with 16.5 millimetres (0.65 ins.) measured.


No thunderstorms were observed in west Malaga during February.


The wind  through February was mainly from the northwest with only limited afternoon sea breeze formation. The breeze was often quite strong, with gusts exceeding 20 knots (23 mph) on 8 days. The windiest weather occurred during the second week with gusts above 20 knots (23 mph) on 4 days. However, the highest gust, 25 knots (29 mph) was recorded on  the 2nd. Towards the end of the month winds from  an east or southeasterly direction became more prominent and there were a few days with somewhat lighter breezes.


There was no fog observed in  west Malaga during February.

Statistics for February 2018

Reporting Station Highest Temp Lowest Temp Rain Total (mm) Wettest Rain days
Malaga Airport 22.2 1.6 29 21 6
Granada Airport 21.1 -4.2 16 6 6
Almeria 20.6 5.4 9 4 4
Seville 22.4 -0.6 15 13 4
Cordoba 22.9 -3.1 22 12 5
Jerez de la Frontera 22.3 -1.9 22 12 7
Murcia 22.9 0.6 16 12 5

Climatology for February

Reporting Station Extreme High Temp Extreme Low Temp Average Rain (mm) Extreme Wettest day (mm) Average Rain days
Malaga Airport 30.0 -3.8 55 151 5
Granada Airport 26.2 -10.0 38 35 6
Almeria 25.7 0.2 21 51 3
Seville 28.0 -5.5 54 68 6
Cordoba 27.8 -5.0 53 61 6
Jerez de la Frontera 29.0 -5.0 60 77 7
Murcia 29.4 -3.9 28 68 3