Weather in Malaga during September 2015

A fairly average month apart from the intense thunderstorm on the 7th.
Temperatures in Malaga
The average maximum temperature during September 2015 in Malaga was 27.5 Celsius (81F), and that was 0.6 Celsius (1F) above normal for the time of year. The average minimum temperature was 19.8 Celsius (68F), and that was 0.4 Celsius (1F) below the normal September value.
The highest temperature recorded during the month was 33.7 Celsius (93F) on the 22nd, but there were 5 other days when the temperature rose above 30 Celsius (86F). There were 3 of these very warm days during the first week and only 1 of the very warm days occurred after mid month. However, the maximum of 32.1 Celsius (90F) on the 23rd was the second warmest day of the month. There were no particularly cool days during September, but on 6 occasions the temperature failed to rise above 25 Celsius (77F). Only 1 of these cooler days occurred before mid month, but it was 1 of only 2 days with maxima below 24 Celsius (75F). In fact, the 7th and 26th shared the distinction of being the coolest days of the month with a high of 22.6 Celsius (73F).
The nights were comfortably warm through most of the month, partly due to the presence of lower than average sea temperatures. During the first half of September, there were only 2 nights when the temperature fell below 20 Celsius (68F), and on both these nights the minimum was above 19 Celsius (66F). On the first night of the month a low of 22.5 Celsius (73F) occurred, and on the 13th/14th a minimum of 22.1 Celsius (72F) was recorded. These were the only 2 nights with minima exceeding 22 Celsius (72F). After mid month, only the night of the 22nd/23rd had a minimum above 20 Celsius (68F), and that was only just above at 20.1 Celsius (68F). However, there were only 3 nights with minima below 18 Celsius (64F). These cooler nights all occurred during the last week with the 26th/27th recording 16.9 Celsius (63F), and the nights of 25th/26th and 29th/30th both measuring 16.7 Celsius (62F).
The sea temperature was around 22 or 23 23 Celsius (72-73F) early in the month but at the end of the second week a dip to an unusually low 15  Celsius (59F) occurred. A slow recovery to between 17 and 19 Celsius (63-66F) after mid month, with the sea temperature creeping up above 20 Celsius (68F) on the last 2 days of September.
Rain in Malaga
There were only 2 days during September when rain fell, but the total of 77.2 millimetres (3 ins.) was  270% above average. There was a little rain during both the morning and evening of the 6th. However, there was not enough to measure. It was different on the following day with a series of intense thunderstorms developing and producing torrential downpours. A total of 68.1 millimetres (2.7 ins) was measured, most of which fell in just 2 hours. It led to serious flooding and the suspension of flights at the airport as local roads became impassable. Much of the Costa del Sol was affected by the storms and in coastal villages to the east cars were swept down streets and left in untidy piles on street corners. As is often the case, there was little sign left that heavy rain had fallen by the end of the following week, with the only other rain, short-lived but heavy, occurring late on the evening of the 29th and in the early hours of the 30th.
There was thunder in association with the very heavy rain on the morning of the 7th, with a thunderstorm late on the evening of the 29th, with this rumbling on into the early hours of the 30th.
There was the usual balance between light northwesterly land breezes overnight and during the mornings, and light or gentle southeasterly sea breezes during the afternoons and evenings. On the cooler days the sea breezes arrived early, and on the warmer days the land breeze persisted or briefly became a blustery southwesterly breeze running parallel to the beach. There were only  2 days when gusts exceeded 20 knots (23mph), the 14th and 22nd,  with the highest gust of 22 knots (25 mph) occurring on the 22nd.Fog
There was no fog observed in west Malaga during September, although visibility was reduced to around 500 metres in the heaviest rain on the 7th.Statistics for September 2015

Reporting Station Highest Temp Lowest Temp Rain Total (mm) Wettest Rain days
Malaga Airport 36.0 15.7 57 54 4
Granada Airport 33.3 7.1 47 28 5
Almeria 31.6 16.4 19 9 4
Seville 34.7 14.0 13 7 7
Cordoba 35.2 11.3 8 7 3
Jerez de la Frontera 33.8 11.6 5 3 3
Murcia 36.0 14.8 77 54 7


Climatology for September

Reporting Station Extreme High Temp Extreme Low Temp Average Rain (mm) Extreme Wettest day (mm) Average Rain days
Malaga Airport 40.0 10.2 16 313 2
Granada Airport 41.6 3.6 16 35 2
Almeria 36.0 12.6 12 98 1
Seville 42.6 8.6 23 69 2
Cordoba 43.8 6.0 24 66 2
Jerez de la Frontera 41.0 7.0 22 95 2
Murcia 39.8 9.6 27 61 2